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  1. Steph Brady says:

    Hi Carrie, just wanted to thank you so much for coming in today and bravely sharing your story with us all. It really made us appreciate the life we live and opened our eyes about how we can stand up against things like sex exploitation and abuse. We all think that you are immensely brave xx

  2. Darcy Fahey says:

    Hi Carrie,
    I just wanted to say the biggest thankyou to you, for coming to talk to us today at Sacré Coeur. It was the most inspiring speech I have ever heard. It truly gave us all an insight into the harsh reality of our world, but it also gave us motivation and courage, that things that are tough and challenging can be overcome. Personally, I have been/am going through a few of the things you talked about, and to hear you talk about it in such a positive way, truly gives me hope.
    I was crying all through your talk today, because through every word you said, I felt so much emotion. Again, I would like to say the biggest thankyou. You are so brave, and I hope everyone you talk to sees the pain you went through, but I hope they all see the positive outcome of everything. So again, thankyou x x x

  3. cjbailee says:

    Hi girls,
    Was such an honour to speak in front of you today. Thank you for being so welcoming and encouraging. I am doing what I am doing because of girls like you! Today was one of the best days of my life and so from my whole heart, thank you! Darcy thank you so much for sharing. Remember that it is about not letting moments in life define you, knowing you are worthy of love and belonging and reaching out to get the support you deserve. You don’t have to do it alone. Much love to you both. Please feel free to contact me anytime xx


  4. Melanie says:

    Hi Carrie,
    Thank you for your incredible courage to share your story.
    I find it hard to find the words to express the impact of your life experience on me, however please know that as a soon to be grandmother you have given me even more reason to value the importance of the roles we all have in a family.

  5. Sid Baker says:

    After reading a summary of your book Carrie, one must first recognize the pain and sheer guts that this project would have taken to complete.
    It is people like you who are prepared to tell there story that create change for the people after them. As for your kids, you’ll be there hero and massive mentor, a woman who can open up a very painful and horrific past will only be admired in the future.
    Will look for your book online and will more than likely shed plenty of tears as it is being read out of pure anger and a total lack of confusion towards the situation.
    Wishing you plenty of success with the rest of your life, and thank you for having the guts and tenacity to tell your own private story. Stay Safe, Sid Baker

    • cjbailee says:

      Hi Sid,
      Thank you so much for your words. I am so grateful and relieved people are receptive to my message. It’s landing! Don’t be afraid. People are reading it in one sitting! Thanks again so much.

  6. Shannon says:

    The first night I read your article, I cried for you and your childhood. The second night I thought of you for hours and cried. The third night I watched your spoken poem, I cried for your immense strength. I do not know you and probably never will. I want you to know that you will be in my thoughts, and every time we foster a little girl I will think of you, and hope for that little girl, who will have suffered like you albeit never as much I am sure, that she will one day have your strength and power. Your whole story is an inspiration. I am so glad you are now a mother. Thank you.

    • cjbailee says:

      Shannon, firstly, thank you so much for your message. Wow! That touched my heart. Secondly, I am so glad that you were brave enough to look beyond that article to find me and my actual message and focus. Yes! May every little girl lost, be given the love she deserves, the safety she is entitled to and step into her own power in a way that she may have never known possible. I am so grateful. Cheers CB

  7. Judy Reynolds says:

    Hi Carrie. I am a friend of Tami’s. From first hand experience I know where you have come from. Stand tall no matter what the media does, you are a fantastic person and I support your bravery in coming forward with your story

    • cjbailee says:

      Hi Judy. Thank you so much for your words. I will continue to stand tall. This just needs to change and they need to hear the impact. Thank you ♥️

  8. Jonno the Conqueror says:

    Hi CJ,

    I am a fellow past victim/survivor of incest and then subsequent pedosceles taking advantage of my once broken soul (pedophile means someone who loves children, pedoscele means exactly the opposite, hence my use of the more appropriate term). As a 43 year old father of 5 beautiful children I know how much they help in healing and getting in touch with the inner child in oneself, the part of you that no evil could ever extinguish. Keep the toxic people out of your life, keep thriving and keep challenging the ignorance and denial that is out there. I promise I will too, we’re worth it!

  9. Sue says:

    Hi Carrie,
    I just finished reading your book. I can’t even begin to imagine the horrors that you have endured throughout your life,your book moved me to tears and i just want to say to you that you are truely one couragous ,strong and amazing woman to have survived and to be able to talk about it today.
    I hope with all my heart that your and your 2 beautiful daughters can move forward and have a wonderful and meaningful life together.
    I can only wish you all the best for your future and thank you so much for having the courage to hold your head up high and tell your story.

  10. Margo says:

    I was inspired by your poem and strength. I’m in America and can’t figure out how to order your book. It appears to only be available in Australia. Please have Amazon add it to the U.S. site.

  11. Cara MacKenzie says:

    Hi Carrie,
    Not sure if you remember me but we went to high school together (however, we actually met at the roller rink when we were really young – I remember you were the cool girl from the city:). Anyway, I saw your open letter and book advertised on Facebook and just watched your amazing video and I just wanted to say how touched I was by your story. I work in a child sexual abuse team within a children’s mental health setting in Scotland and work with children who have suffered abuse for many years now, however I have never been so touched as I have tonight hearing your words. I felt such sadness that you had to experience such trauma whilst I played obliviously but equally and more importantly I felt so inspired by your resilience and message to help others hand the shame back to whom it belongs to. I’m actually going to a national conference tomorrow about sexual exploitation (The Rotherham Inquiry – Britian’s own shameful example) but it would have been amazing to hear you speak of hope and coming out the other end as such a strong, inspirational woman. If you every come to Scotland, look me up. I’d love to see you.
    Cara MacKenzie
    RHS 🙂

  12. Cara MacKenzie says:

    Ps I tried to buy your book but it seems the site does not ship internationally…..or am I doing something wrong?

  13. Anto says:

    Dear Bailee,
    I just read your story. Since I was a little girl I have felt a deep empathy with victims of sexual abuse and it tortures me to just imagine their stories because I can never accept that the indices of human evil can be so excessively cruel.
    What happened to you shocked me. I admire the courage of little Bailee to endure, resist, and survive so much physical, mental and spiritual pain.
    Your father was a victim too but he could have chosen good instead of evil. You, with just only 8 years old, physically smaller and less strong than all those men, including your father, you were much stronger and able to decide to break that circle of infamy. And with that tremendous action, Bailee, you have bequeathed a better destiny for your daughters. The destiny that every child should have. I will remember you as much as I can, usually these stories I remember for years. Huge hug and a kiss with love from Chile (South America).


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