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I don't see myself as an author with a book, but a woman with a story and a message of hope and resilience. I want to use my lived experience and the lessons learned to help inspire others. Transforming the victim/trauma story and speaking to the possibility of what can be achieved when we have inner drive, a sense of worthiness and the love and support of others in our lives. I am a woman, a mother, friend, poet, writer, an advocate, an activist, a motivational speaker, a kid at heart, a deep thinker...a human being who suffered extreme abuse as a child and who continues to reclaim what was lost as an adult. I am someone who's been to hell and back and has come out whole on the other side of it to let others know they can do the same! I have an important message of hope, love, forgiveness and resilience. Come take a journey with me and discover how connected we all are and how truly achievable happiness and freedom is.

The Color of A Million Midnights

Although this has not been my own personal experience, it so easily could have been. And so I write this poem to honour the women, who at some point in their lives stopped seeing the world in color. The Color … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Love

I received another amazing review for my book yesterday. This one came from my mom’s boss in Canada. Her words meant so much to me because my biggest fear in putting our story out there, is how people will perceive … Continue reading

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My Memoir pre purchase link

My Memoir pre purchase link Flying on Broken Wings will be out this October in Australia and New Zealand but you can pre order where ever you live and receive free delivery. To be honest with you, I am feeling … Continue reading

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My book is coming out this October! As many of you may know, I have decided to use my lived experience with the intention of becoming a beacon of hope for others lost in the sorrows they harbour in their mind as … Continue reading

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Not Letting Moments in Life Define You

“The Cave You Fear To Enter Holds The Treasure You Seek” – Joseph Campbell   Joseph Campbell was an American scholar, mythologist, writer and lecturer. In his book “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” first published in 1949, Campbell uses … Continue reading

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Courage is Contagious

Last week Melinda Tankard Reist invited me to present with her to a group of Year 10 students at a Melbourne girls’ school. I had written a blog post a few days prior to my visit and couldn’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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Little Girl Lost – If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Last week I shared my story for the first time so candidly with a group of grade 10 girls. A few days prior to the school visit I had written my most vulnerable blog entry but hadn’t the courage to … Continue reading

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A Canadian Refugee’s Reunion with the Woman Who Helped Secure Her Freedom

According to the Australian Parliamentary Library, in 1998, the year I applied for refugee status, there were 8257 protection visa applications lodged. Of that number, only 1834 were granted – 985 at the primary decision stage and 741 following review … Continue reading

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2013 The Year of Courage – How Brave Am I Willing To Be To Help Inspire Enduring Change In The World?

I have decided to stand up and use my lived experience to inspire others who have been traumatised and let them know it is possible to come out whole on the other side of anything, and show them how I … Continue reading

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