Transforming the Victim/Trauma Story

Replacing Pity with Hope and Inspiration

314897_10150385771750115_1274393565_n.jpgHi friends, my name is Carrie Bailee. I have decided to stand up and speak openly about my trauma to help set other young women free from the shame and pain sexual abuse and exploitation have caused them. And more importantly, to show them that it is possible to rise above past abuse, let go of shame and reclaim their lives. My hope is to plant a seed and inspire girls to courageously transform the way they see themselves. To challenge young women to go beyond just “survival” and show them that it is in fact possible flourish and thrive. To go beyond to live a significant life. SHAME FREE

My objective is to bring awareness to the struggle survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking are faced with. SHAME UNWORTHINESS SELF LOATHING AND DISCONNECT

As survivors, it is important that we own our story but at the same time, understand we are so much more than just our story. I want to empower young women by helping them lose the shame that has held them back by sharing my story and helping them understand that the shame was never theirs to begin with. By courageously owning my story and showing young women it is possible to rise above any situation, it automatically gives them permission to do the same. And by doing so, reclaim their life.

9 Responses to Transforming the Victim/Trauma Story

  1. Raynetta says:

    you’re so beautiful and strong . There is so much power in you writing this . I just want to hug you. I gained some courage to share my story soon.

    with big hugs, and lots of love,

    • cjbailee says:

      Raynetta! Thank you so much. Sorry I only just spotted your beautiful comment. So lovely. Losing my shame and stepping into my power has been the most empowering thing I could ever have done for myself. Losing the shame that was never ours to begin with sets you free to live a significant, wholehearted life. Thank you for your support and I will be sending you love and courage as you navigate your way through your life’s journey xx

  2. Samantha Valk says:

    Hi Carrie, I was one of the girls you performed your poem and story to at Sacre Ceour. I just wanted to say that you inspire me to move forward in my life and do great things. You are the most incredible, most inspiring person I have had the honour of meeting and I thank you for your bravery with sharing that with us. Keep at it:) I hope you come back next year for our current year 9’s and teach them what you have taught me. Xoxox

    • cjbailee says:

      Samantha thank you so much. I am so sorry I only just discovered your beautiful comment. Speaking to you girls was such a great honour. So affirming and validating. It has driven me to use my life in this way. I will never as long as I live forget that moment with you girls. You all have changed my life as well. It’s a two way thing girl. Thank you so much xx

  3. Carrie, even though your video on youtube is so terribly sad, it is beautiful at the same time. Rarely have I listened to poetry that has touched me so deeply! I am sure you will reach many people, and help raise awareness as well as give hope to those in need. Thank you!

    • cjbailee says:

      Hi Shankar,
      Thank you so much for saying so. It is important to have the right balance of shade and light. I understand that it is a heavy subject matter. But an important one to bring into the light. Thank you for your ability to see beyond the pain to the beauty and the triumph of the human spirit. That means so much to me.

  4. I just finished your book and I just have to say it was one of the most moving books I have read. I cried with you, laughed with you and was inspired with you. Thank you for sharing it, even though I know it would have been so hard, but it gives hope to others who have experienced similar situations. You are an amazing woman and your husband and daughters are so lucky to have you. I wish you all the best for the rest of your life.

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  6. Dorota Halina Kutyła says:

    Wczoraj przeczytałam artykuł o Carrie. Napisałam do niej via strona o książce. Pisałam, że nie pamiętam takich rzeczy, o jakich ona mówi, ale to, co mnie porusza, to te płoty. Robię rzeczy podobne do dziś i czytanie o płotach pokazuje mi, że powinnam zapytać, co się ukrywa za nimi.
    Jak napisałam Carrie, nie potrafię w pełni na to spojrzeć, boję się tego, co zobaczę, ale przyciąga mnie, by przez to przejść. Dziś weszłam na stronę, boję się czytać, boję się zwłaszcza słów, że dobre życie jest możliwe. Nie wiem, dlaczego, ale ich boję się najbardziej.
    Nie wiem, co z tym zrobić, ale potrafię pisać i chcę napisać tekst o gwałcie i kobietach. Już przyszedł do mnie jego tytuł – Płoty i skrzydła. Tak zdobywam odwagę, by spojrzeć na własne życie. Odwagę, której nie mam i której mi brakuje, ale tak źle jest w moim życiu, że to zmusza mnie do działania.

    Yesterday I read an article about Carrie. I wrote to her through the book page. I wrote that I do not remember the things she says, but the things that move me are those fences. I do things similar to today and reading about fences shows me that I should ask what is hidden behind them.
    As I wrote Carrie, I can not fully look at it, I’m afraid of what I see, but it attracts me to go through it. Today I went to the site, I’m afraid to read, I fear especially words that good life is possible. I do not know why, but I fear most of them.
    I do not know what to do about it, but I can write and I want to write a text about rape and women. It has already come to me his title – Fences and wings. So I get the courage to look at my own life. Courage I have not got and which I lack, but so bad in my life that it forces me to act.
    Anyway thank you, thank you very much, Carrie for your story, because she gives me strength and teaches courage. I think he also teaches life, from which so many years I have escaped.

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