My book is coming out this October! As many of you may know, I have decided to use my lived experience with the intention of becoming a beacon of hope for others lost in the sorrows they harbour in their mind as a result of past abuse. I want people to know that recovery from deep personal trauma is possible and feelings of hopelessness and despair, fear and shame can be absolved. That you can do so much more in life than just survive. And so it is with a mixture of nervousness and excitement that I introduce you to my upcoming memoir, entitled ‘Flying on Broken Wings’. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.12.30 AMAll of us are broken to some extent but I am speaking to the possibility of rising on our broken wings and soaring. Stepping out of victim and transforming that mentality. What I have found, is I am reaching people who are the ones placed in the “broken beyond repair” category. They see me. They hear me in a way they are unable to with those who have not lived it, and they do so because they know that I can see them. I am their peer. I’ve been there. I get it – but most importantly, I have found a way to go beyond it. And I have done so by putting in practice gratitude and hope, while embracing my vulnerability. I finally decided to stop listening to those who told me to hide who I am. That I would get hurt. That I need to trust less and hide my heart. Coming forward with my story has helped me silence the critic and follow my own wisdom.

I was 9 years old when I was sold into a pedophile ring. This is the story of my escape from unimaginable suffering in Canada to my struggle to build a life many deemed impossible in Australia. Documenting my battle with the Refugee Review Tribunal in my fight for protection and the beautiful people who have helped me along the way as I navigated my way through the horror if my past.

I wrote this book to honour the capacity of the human spirit and it’s ability to not only endure, but to rise above. To show that we can still thrive in the face of adversity. Most importantly I am putting my work out there so that others can realize the shame they carry was never theirs to begin with.

This is my heart and soul bled on to each and every page. I am aware when artists put our work out there to be seen and judged, many of us in the process of creating, hold back. I did not. I tell the story from my heart to honour the child’s perspective. I was not explicit in the detail of the horrific abuse I suffered as a child, not because I feared judgement, but because I truly believe it is irrelevant. Where I am explicit is in describing what the abuse did to my spirit as a child and the impact I will likely always carry as an adult. I did not hold back there because it is critical society stop viewing the abuse of children in the apathetic way in which it does. Judges, parents, law makers, police officers, teachers. Everybody needs to be aware of this one fact: the first time a child is interfered with, their life is never going to be the same. The global response of sweeping sexual abuse under the rug causes irreparable damage. The message of shame and unworthiness that is embedded by this blatant inaction holds the equivalence of the abuse itself.

A good friend of mine recently told me that my words have confronting beauty. I am authentic in the message but I write in a way that although confronting, is poetic and creative. I give enough to describe what has happened but as mentioned, I am more explicit in the emotional impact. My publisher put it to me like this; he said the way I write about the details of abuse is like being close to a train wreck and you are able to turn away at the moment of impact. I thought that was a brilliant analogy. I do this for two reasons – for myself and others. When dealing with such heavy subject matter you risk people shutting down and turning away. I needed my message to not only land, but to resonate, transform, teach and inspire.

To order my book you can pre purchase here and receive free delivery 🙂

I will keep you all posted as to publication date and when my book is finally on the shelf and you can grab a copy for yourself. Again, thanks to all who support me. It means so much.

Carrie J. Bailee



About cjbailee

I don't see myself as an author with a book, but a woman with a story and a message of hope and resilience. I want to use my lived experience and the lessons learned to help inspire others. Transforming the victim/trauma story and speaking to the possibility of what can be achieved when we have inner drive, a sense of worthiness and the love and support of others in our lives. I am a woman, a mother, friend, poet, writer, an advocate, an activist, a motivational speaker, a kid at heart, a deep thinker...a human being who suffered extreme abuse as a child and who continues to reclaim what was lost as an adult. I am someone who's been to hell and back and has come out whole on the other side of it to let others know they can do the same! I have an important message of hope, love, forgiveness and resilience. Come take a journey with me and discover how connected we all are and how truly achievable happiness and freedom is.
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8 Responses to FLYING ON BROKEN WINGS a memoir

  1. ragsie56 says:

    Dear Carrie,

    I am so glad that you have written your journey down for others to understand that there IS healing…painful and unbearable though the journey may be, abuse doesn’t have to define who you are. Your story is a jewelled crown for others to be amazed at.

    I am in Zimbabwe at the moment and have the privilege of hearing the stories of 11 little girls at the Sandra Jones Centre. Some of them have been sold into prostitution, repeatedly raped. I have sat and watched as they have shared their darkest days with me and I am in awe at the resilience of the human spirit.

    I would love a copy of your book and appreciate your beauty and vulnerability.

    With love

    • cjbailee says:

      Hi Morag! Thank you so very much. I would love love love to visit your girls. And yes, speaking to the possibility of rising on broken wings is why I am putting my work out there. Life doesn’t have to end after trauma and we don’t have to be content with just merely surviving. You are not your story!! Xx

  2. camilla says:

    Congratulations for making it to the eve of your book publication! It has been quite a journey for you, and I cannot even imagine what strength and determination you have had in order to accomplish this. I absolutely love the title! It suits your journey perfectly. You are an amazing woman and such a source of hope for those other young girls who have not seen that possibility of hope until meeting you and hearing your words. To reach out and have a positive and life affirming impact on so many others is truly an amazing tribute to the woman you are and the purpose -driven life you have made for yourself. You are admirable indeed. Looking forward to having your book in my own hands! Love Camilla

  3. Yasmine BONNER says:

    Carrie – congratulations on your memoir. I have also written a memoir and am in the throws of trying to get a publisher for my story. I am so pleased to hear your story (although I have not read your book), yours sounds similar to mine in that I write not as a victim but as a person to whom abuse has happened to and that pathologising abuse recipients as victims, to me, is worse than the abuse. I wish all the best in your publication and look forward to maybe meeting you one day as a strong peer with a hell of a message to get out there.

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  5. lynettedavis says:

    Reblogged this on Memoir Notes.

  6. Wow congratulations and may your words reach the hearts of those who need it the most!

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